St. Croix Valley Hunting
Trapping Supplies

P.O. Box 186
Phone (651)436-2539
     E-mail:  [email protected]

Here is a listing of some of the products we carry:
 Tom Olson's Moundmaster Beaver lures,
 Blackies Blend-lures and baits,
 Lenon's Lures,
 Dobbin's-Lures, books and videos,
 Marsyada's-lures and baits,
 Caven's-lures and baits,
 Hardcore Raccoon lure, plus several other brands.

 also -- Traps, snares, snare supplies, slide wires, fur handling
equipment, Gauntlets, Gloves, aprons, trowels, hardware, dye, wax, dip
-- and much, much, more.